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Top Soil Plus – Bagged

Top Soil Plus is a sandy loam soil and is custom blended with composted steer manure, composted forest products, black peat moss, Miller-gro Fiber (steer paunch) and pumice. This is a fantastic blend for those trying to level off existing lawns and plant new seeds.

  • Use to replaced depleted soil. Adds organic materials, and nutrients back into the soil.
  • Fill holes and ruts in the lawn areas.
  • Use to top dress lawns and pastures.
  • Use as a top dressing in flower and landscape beds for that rich, black look.
  • Helps to conserve water by reducing usage.

Each bag contains 1 cubic foot.

Side Notes:

Please look for this product in bulk in the near future. Right now, we only carry it in bags.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
1/4" Minus 2-6" depending on needs for this product.

Current Availability: Pickup or Delivery

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