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1.5″ Baja Mexican Beach Cobble

$560 / ton

$700 / cubic yard

1 yard is equal to approximately 1.25 tons

These Mexican beach pebbles are shaped by the pounding Pacific surf and come from the rocky coastline of Baja California. These high end pebbles represent tranquility and style, adding splendor to any landscape. Their smooth and rounded shape makes them great for decorating inside or outside. These stones can weather the harsh Utah climate. You can use them as ground cover, in water features, or borders around trees and planters.

Side Notes:

**The quantity you desire may need to be ordered ahead. They are shipped from Mexico in wire baskets weighing 3000 lbs.  At the time of delivery, they will be emptied from the wire baskets into a delivery truck and delivered bulk loose. 3000 lbs of Mexican Beach Cobble is equivalent to 1.2 cubic yards.

**They also come in smaller manageable bags that weigh 75 lbs each. Please see that page for details.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
1.5" At least 3" deep for adequate coverage.

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