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Discover Localscapes: Rockin’ Utah’s Unique Landscape with Rock N Yard

At Rock N Yard, we’re all about rockin’ the yard with Localscapes principles! Developed by the Utah Water Conservancy Districts, Localscapes offer a fresh perspective on landscaping that’s as unique as the rocks in our yard. By putting a local spin on traditional landscaping methods, we create outdoor spaces that rock your world in every sense of the word.

What are Localscapes?

Localscapes are a set of landscaping principles specifically designed for Utah’s climate and terrain. They’re like the rock stars of landscaping, combining water-wise practices, low-maintenance features, and stunning aesthetics to create outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Based on the “Six Essential Elements” outlined on, Localscapes focus on:

Designing with Purpose: Localscapes are designed to be functional, beautiful, and water-wise, with outdoor living spaces, water-efficient plants, and features that enhance the usability of your yard.

Zoning for Function: By dividing your yard into zones based on water needs, sun exposure, and use, Localscapes ensure that each area is planted and irrigated appropriately for optimal health and efficiency.

Using Local Plants: Localscapes prioritize the use of native and adapted plants that are well-suited to Utah’s climate and soil conditions, reducing water usage and maintenance requirements while promoting biodiversity.

Efficient Irrigation: Localscapes use smart irrigation techniques, such as drip systems and weather-based controllers, to deliver the right amount of water to each plant based on its individual needs, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Creating Practical Turf Areas: Localscapes minimize the use of traditional turf grass in favor of functional turf areas that serve a specific purpose, such as play areas or pathways, reducing water usage and maintenance while preserving aesthetics.

Appropriate Maintenance: Localscapes are designed to be low-maintenance, with features such as mulch, proper pruning, and soil improvement practices that help conserve water and promote healthy plant growth with minimal effort.

Why choose Localscapes?

Rockin’ Sustainability: Localscapes help conserve water, reduce environmental impact, and promote healthy ecosystems, making them a rock-solid choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Cost-Effective Rock Stars: With reduced water usage and maintenance requirements, Localscapes can save you money in the long run, leaving more cash in your pocket for concert tickets and rockin’ adventures.

Rock-Solid Resilience: Localscapes are built to last, with plants and features chosen for their ability to withstand Utah’s extreme weather conditions like true rock stars of the landscape world.

Our Rockin’ Approach to Localscapes

At Rock N Yard, we’re passionate about rockin’ the yard with Localscapes! From selecting native and drought-tolerant plants to designing efficient irrigation systems and incorporating sustainable landscaping practices, we’ll collaborate with you to craft a landscape that exceeds your expectations!

What Our Customers Are Saying

4.9 average rating

Hunter Bennett

November 03, 2023

Avatar image for Hunter Bennett

The best in the state. I have been working with them for a couple years. They have always taken care of me and do things the right way. They have high quality products. I will always be loyal to rock n yard!

Ken Leetham

November 01, 2023

Avatar image for Ken Leetham

We had a great experience with Rock N Yard!! They had exactly what we ordered and delivered it in just a few days. Very reasonably priced and excellent quality!!

Ryan Janus

October 25, 2023

Avatar image for Ryan Janus

Great rock.

Charles B

October 24, 2023

Avatar image for Charles B

Great commutation from home location, product was clean and delivery was perfect placement! Thank you!

Kohle Hansen

September 16, 2023

Avatar image for Kohle Hansen

Best landscaping people and crew I have ever worked with! Very knowledgeable, kind, prompt, and professional. Get your stuff from these fine people and you will not be dissatisfied!

Dan G

September 08, 2023

Avatar image for Dan G

Great company, reasonable price, quality work done promptly, professionally, parkway strip looks great. Dillon worked hard to complete this job in one day- great to work with. I highly recommend this company.

Stan de Jong

August 02, 2023

Avatar image for Stan de Jong

Dependable Company. Did very good work. I plan on having them do more for me .

Jacob Delano

June 15, 2023

Avatar image for Jacob Delano

Brought the gravel I asked for and the product description was accurate. Staff was friendly and respectful.


June 04, 2023

Avatar image for Spits50

Always a great experience, fast, convenient, and I my 1.5 yards of twilight is always constant.

Cassie Eakins

May 17, 2023

Avatar image for Cassie Eakins

Great price, very convenient to pick up ourselves. We got the chocolate brown mulch at it works perfect for our plant beds.

Mike O'Connell

April 14, 2023

Avatar image for Mike O'Connell

I needed pea gravel for my yard and had it delivered. They were responsive which is hard to find now a days. Would recommend for sure!

Derek Mihlfeith

September 27, 2021

Avatar image for Derek Mihlfeith

Driver was great. Called in advance and gave an accurate ETA, and verified exactly where I wanted the rock dropped off. Great price and the owner/manager was incredibly friendly and helpful. 10/10 would buy form again.

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