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Discover Localscapes: Rockin’ Utah’s Unique Landscape with Rock N Yard

At Rock N Yard, we’re all about rockin’ the yard with Localscapes principles! Developed by the Utah Water Conservancy Districts, Localscapes offer a fresh perspective on landscaping that’s as unique as the rocks in our yard. By putting a local spin on traditional landscaping methods, we create outdoor spaces that rock your world in every sense of the word.

What are Localscapes?

Localscapes are a set of landscaping principles specifically designed for Utah’s climate and terrain. They’re like the rock stars of landscaping, combining water-wise practices, low-maintenance features, and stunning aesthetics to create outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Based on the “Six Essential Elements” outlined on, Localscapes focus on:

Designing with Purpose: Localscapes are designed to be functional, beautiful, and water-wise, with outdoor living spaces, water-efficient plants, and features that enhance the usability of your yard.

Zoning for Function: By dividing your yard into zones based on water needs, sun exposure, and use, Localscapes ensure that each area is planted and irrigated appropriately for optimal health and efficiency.

Using Local Plants: Localscapes prioritize the use of native and adapted plants that are well-suited to Utah’s climate and soil conditions, reducing water usage and maintenance requirements while promoting biodiversity.

Efficient Irrigation: Localscapes use smart irrigation techniques, such as drip systems and weather-based controllers, to deliver the right amount of water to each plant based on its individual needs, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Creating Practical Turf Areas: Localscapes minimize the use of traditional turf grass in favor of functional turf areas that serve a specific purpose, such as play areas or pathways, reducing water usage and maintenance while preserving aesthetics.

Appropriate Maintenance: Localscapes are designed to be low-maintenance, with features such as mulch, proper pruning, and soil improvement practices that help conserve water and promote healthy plant growth with minimal effort.

Why choose Localscapes?

Rockin’ Sustainability: Localscapes help conserve water, reduce environmental impact, and promote healthy ecosystems, making them a rock-solid choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Cost-Effective Rock Stars: With reduced water usage and maintenance requirements, Localscapes can save you money in the long run, leaving more cash in your pocket for concert tickets and rockin’ adventures.

Rock-Solid Resilience: Localscapes are built to last, with plants and features chosen for their ability to withstand Utah’s extreme weather conditions like true rock stars of the landscape world.

Our Rockin’ Approach to Localscapes

At Rock N Yard, we’re passionate about rockin’ the yard with Localscapes! From selecting native and drought-tolerant plants to designing efficient irrigation systems and incorporating sustainable landscaping practices, we’ll collaborate with you to craft a landscape that exceeds your expectations!

What Our Customers Are Saying

4.9 average rating

Mike Edwards

June 07, 2024

Avatar image for Mike Edwards

I really don’t understand what the low reviews are about, every time I’ve come here(6 times now) the ladys in the office are super helpful and get right to the job. Thank you for helping me

Micah Bergsma

June 04, 2024

Avatar image for Micah Bergsma

Great experience. Helped me through all my questions. Very professional, these people know their stuff and are very prompt with sending quotes, scheduling etc.

Savannah Rodgers

June 02, 2024

Avatar image for Savannah Rodgers

This place was super fast with their delivery and the delivery driver was very considerate about where he placed the material. I will use them again.

Kimberly Lyle

May 20, 2024

Avatar image for Kimberly Lyle

This is an above and beyond provider! I could not have asked for more and will DEFINATELY use them again and again@

Jared Bowles

May 16, 2024

Avatar image for Jared Bowles

Wow, what an amazing company. I ordered top soil and fill dirt at lunch and they had it delivered before I got off work. Great customer service! This is why I continue to use Rock N Yard.

Allen Shimp

May 14, 2024

Avatar image for Allen Shimp

Great varied inventory and nice helpful people. Definitely worth the trip.

Jessica Brown

May 13, 2024

Avatar image for Jessica Brown

Great company, the products, people, price, & delivery!

James Pruitt

May 11, 2024

Avatar image for James Pruitt

sherrie Bernardo

May 11, 2024

Avatar image for sherrie Bernardo

Great company to work with! Excellent customer services, from the beginning to the end!!! I love my park strip! Great work Rock n Yard!! I will always call you for my needs and recommend you to everyone!
Sherrie Bernardo Halstrom
West Jordan

Doug McKell

April 26, 2024

Avatar image for Doug McKell

Rock N Yard customer service is excellent and they have the best price

Lloyd Vincent

April 26, 2024

Avatar image for Lloyd Vincent

Great company to work with

Cory Vore

April 25, 2024

Avatar image for Cory Vore

Delivery driver was communicative and made a special effort to place the wood chips carefully, the bidding process was easy. The chips are high quality and haven’t had issues with splinters. Definitely recommended.

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