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*1/4" Minus size pictured

1/4″ Minus Grey Pea Gravel


$27/cubic yard

1 yard is equal to approximately 1.25 tons

Our pea gravel is a small, naturally rounded (not crushed) 1/4″ minus sized and washed pea gravel. It is a wonderful mixture of light and dark gray tones. This gravel works well in a wide variety of landscape and construction functions. Because of the small size of each piece, this gravel is comfortable to walk on. Our favorite applications of this product include:

  • Dog runs (makes it so easy to clean up)
  • Walk paths
  • Fire pit areas
  • Play areas

Side Notes:

There is a slightly larger size of grey pea gravel at 3/8″. Please see that page.

**Although this is a washed gravel.  There is still some fines or dirty film on the rock.

**This material does not compact.  Therefore, it is not recommended for any project that requires compaction such as under concrete or pavers.

**Not recommended for gravel driveways due to the inability to compact and small size which sticks in the tread of tires.  The rocks flip from the tires when you drive. Please see any fractured/crushed rock that is 1″ minus to 1.5″ minus gravel for gravel driveways.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
1/4" Minus 2-3" deep for adequate coverage

Current Availability: Delivery Only

This product is available for our Placement Services.

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