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*1” minus size pictured

1″ Oyster Pearl

$35/cubic yard


1 yard is approximately 1.5 tons

Our beautiful Oyster Pearl rock is a bright, eye catching natural stone that is unfractured. The light an airy colors will compliment any landscaping or gardening project. This neutral rock is inexpensive solution for low maintenance ground cover. This rock is a neutral color and it has the element of raw pearls in an off white, blue and pastels pallet. It will not only enhance the overall look of your project but also help to regulate temperature and help retain moisture with the small rock filling in gaps to help get full coverage.

**This rock is a washed rock and considered a 1″ minus which means that it is screened to 1″ and smaller rock.

**Please note that this rock is dense and makes it heavier than some other rock.

Popular Uses Include:

Zen Gardens



Bird Baths

Garden Accents

Drainage Systems


Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
1” minus At least 2" deep for adequate coverage.

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