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Landscape Fabric – Weed Barrier Fabric – 3′ x 250′

Hanes Pro Platinum Plus landscape fabrics consist of woven fibers used to control weeds. The fabric is normally placed in flower bed or garden areas, covering areas where other growth is unwanted. The best part with a woven landscape fabric is that it allows for water to filter through into the ground so that you don’t have pooling water that might attract mosquitos and more importantly, it will allow the water into the ground surrounding the plants so that the earth surrounding the plants doesn’t become extremely dry, therefore sucking the water away from the plants.

Our landscape fabric is a high grade, heavy weighted material that is used by many professionals. Not all grades of landscape fabric are the same. At 4.1 oz weight, and a 20 year lifetime, you will get that professional application you are looking for.

Side Notes:

For best weed control, use this material fuzzy side down. Install fuzzy side up for use with mulch and stabilizing the mulch or bark.

We also have landscape staples for sale.

Landscape fabric is available for delivery when you order other landscape materials. It must be ordered ahead of time allowing for the driver to have it with them when they make your delivery. Same day deliveries may or may not allow for the fabric to be delivered with your order. It is available for pick up as well.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
3' x 250' N/A

Current Availability: Pickup or Delivery

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