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Mountain Blend Garden Soil

$62.50/cubic yard


$62.50/yard – 1 yard is equal to approximately O.75/ton

This premium soil blend is a dark, rich soil that comes ready to plant in. Your plants and flowers love this stuff! Use this for new gardens, flower beds or it looks beautiful to be used as a top dress on current flower beds. As a dressing, it helps to enrich depleted soils by adding organic material and nutrients. This is a blend of composted Douglas Fir bark fines along with organic soil, peat moss, compost, and plant nutrients.

Side Notes:

**The weight of this product will vary depending on moisture content.

**If you’re looking to simply amend existing beds, try looking at our compost.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
3/8 4-6" deep for new gardens or beds. 1-2" deep for top dressing.

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