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3-8″ Cowboy Cobble

$110/cubic yard


Our Cowboy Cobble is an uncrushed rock straight from the old south west.  This is a beautiful cobble that has dark grey, light grey, tans, some reds and granite rocks.  You can place this rock around any foliage or in your pond because it looks fantastic with everything. Any size of this rock can be used in all types of landscape applications and also works beautifully in dry river beds or ponds.

Side Notes:

**Please note that unwashed rock can contain dirt and varies depending on time of year and weather at the time of mining.

**We also carry this color in a pea gravel and a crushed 3/4″ size.

**We carry the 1 1/2″ Cobble and the 3/4″ fractured for pick up. The 3-8″ and the Pea gravel is delivery only at this point in time.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
3-8 This larger cobble needs to at least 10-12" in depth for adequate coverage.

Current Availability: Delivery Only