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*1 1/2” minus size pictured

1 1/2″ Cowboy Cobble

$45/cubic yard


1 yard is equal to approximately 1.35 tons

Our Cowboy Cobble is an uncrushed rock straight from the old south west.  This is a beautiful, cobble that won’t break the bank!  You can place this rock around any foliage or in your pond because it looks fantastic with everything. Cowboy Cobble comes in a 1 1/2″ and  also a 3-8″ size.  Either size can be used in all types of landscape applications and also works beautifully in dry river beds or ponds.

Side Notes:

**Please note that the 3-8″ Cobble has different pricing. Please see that page.

**For Self Pick Up, we carry the 1 1/2″ Cobble and the 3/4″ fractured. The 3-8″ Cobble and the Cowboy Pea gravel is delivery only at this point in time.

***Please note that unwashed rock can contain dirt and varies depending on time of year and weather at the time of mining.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
1 1/2” minus At least 3-4” deep for adequate coverage

Current Availability: Pickup or Delivery