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*1/2" Minus size pictured

Organic Fertimulch Compost – Bulk Loose

$55/cubic yard

This is the best compost and it doubles as a clay buster! Millers poultry mix is unlike other poultry composts out there on the market. It is a poultry based compost that also includes aged peat moss, composted straw, composted steer manure and then blended together with our aged composted forest products to insure you a top quality poultry mix.

Benefits of this compost:

  • Helps to break up hard compacted soils.
  • Use to add nutrients and organic matter back into depleted soils.
  • Organics feed the plants and aid in good soil tilth encouraging not only water retention, but drainage.

Side Notes:

This is the direct competitor with Nutrimulch but costs less!

No matter what type of compost you use, it is not recommended to plant directly into compost. Always mix with the soil. We do not recommend Fertimulch as a topdressing/mulch.

**This product also comes in a 2 cubic foot bag. If you need smaller quantities, we can add it to a larger delivery of a different product or you can come pick it up.



Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
1/2" Minus Recommended to use 2-3" depth AND then till it thoroughly into the soil 6-8" deep. This is not meant to be a top dressing but meant for adding necessary amendments for growing.

Current Availability: Pickup or Delivery

This product is available for our Placement Services.

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