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*3/8" Minus size pictured

Raised Bedding Soil

$100 / cubic yard

1 yd is equal to approximately 1100 lbs

This is the best you can buy. This is a perfect neutral pH growing mix that has everything you need to have the most successful garden. It is specially blended for optimal growth, higher yields and the sweetest tasting vegetable and fruit ever. This is a combination of paunch, forest composts, perlite fines, black peat moss, and then pre-blended with Miller’s A-Z plant food. It includes Humates for soil life And Mycorrhizae for root stimulation and high reduction of transplants shock. Also, with over 70 minerals and trace elements and earthworm casings for a slow release of N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium).  **RockNYard is the only company in the Salt Lake Valley with this blend of soil. This is the highest grade of garden soil you can buy!

Completely ready to plant in!! Fill your garden or flower boxes and plant!. No need for tilling or mixing.

Side Notes:

This product is for brand new flower/garden areas. It is ready to go and is ready to plant in. If you are looking to amend soil that you already have, please keep in mind that replacing your soil with screened top soil is ensuring the same result you had before. The entire Salt Lake Valley has an abundance of clay in the soil. This is NOT native soil. This is a special blend of organic materials to ensure that you’re getting the best garden soil around.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
3/8" Minus 8" for new flower beds & at least 12" deep for rooted vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, onions)

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This product is available for our Placement Services.

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