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Gorilla Hair (Cedar Mulch) – 1/2″ Minus

$70/cubic yard

Gorilla Hair is not really from a gorilla but it sure does look like it! This product can be made from redwood or red cedar bark finely shredded to resemble the thick hair of a gorilla. These woods are used due to their resistance to rot and slow decomposition. It’s natural red color is beautiful to look at and can bring out the colors in your garden or landscape. It ages well, holding its color as it slowly decomposes and adds nutrients back to the soil. Gorilla hair will add beauty and health to any home landscape project! 

Sloped Terrain? No Problem! Gorilla Hair is the best mulch for use on a sloped terrain, as it is less likely to slide down and gather at the bottom due to its lighter, fluffier texture.  If the grade of the slope is too steep, however, you may also need to combine with a jute netting or heavy landscape fabric that has a “fuzzy” side.  Most recommendations call for a 3” thick mulch application. It serves as an effective erosion control solution, making it particularly well-suited for slopes and steep terrain but can be used anywhere. Elevate your outdoor spaces with this premium mulch, offering both beauty and practicality for landscaping projects of all scales.

Side Notes:

Gorilla hair and other shredded bark mulches should be avoided within 30 feet of any structure. They burn hot and are extremely susceptible to ignition from embers.

Gorilla hair is valuable in holding moisture around the roots of plants and trees.

Available Sizes Coverage Recommendation (Depth)
1/2" Minus At least 3" deep for adequate coverage.

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